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i wanna get married and have babies soon. i want to settle down. im sick of not being inlove. im sick of dealing with shitty boys.

i want to friggin find someone i get along with and who is right for me. im really sick of this shit.
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i miss will.
i dont want to date dennis anymore.
i cannot wait to see Tom. holy crap. its weird that i like him so much and hes in california now. LAME!

my my told me to join an online dating sight. haha. nope.

my diet is going terrible. i guess.

i need to drop 4.8 more lbs til i can get a tattoo. and i really need one cus im sad.

i got promoted but no raise. so. yea.

maybe ill move to california sooner!
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Big Willy Style: im startin to super love you
Big Willy Style: like i used to love you for who i thought you were, then what i thought you could be, but after this weekend I really love you for who you are, and thats the love of my life my darling baby
Big Willy Style: so be mine
Big Willy Style: ok?
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my boyfriend wont do me.

thats cool.
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happy anniversary to me and will. one year. gosh!

too bad i got drunk and ruined it!

anyways. i made him ride bikes with me to the common to lay out in the sun and smooch. it was romantical. i loved it.

then i had the idea to get appz and scorpion bowls at 430 before dinner

we ended up drinking 3 scorpion bowlz. ummm, i was fine until we tried to find mikey! he was unfindable. we were stumbling down newbury street. some pregnant girl on a street bike asked if i needed water.

it was bad. we tried to go home but i couldnt get home cus i was too drunk and i started crying hysterically and trying to puke. will puked all over the sidewalk and i made him go get me money to get a cab home. christian and his gf walked by with their dog and asked if i was okay and i totally wasnt.

will got me a cab and told him where i lived. then i got home and was so drunk idk how i got in without hte cat getting out.
will rode his bike and my bike home. then he sat with me in the shower while i puked.

im sorry, but that totally is love. takin care of his overly retardedly drunk gf on their anniversary, what a good bby!

then he snuggled me to sleep.

we had plans to make pizza and watch a movie after drunks on the common...too bad i ruined it!

whatever. thanks baby! it was a good day. smoochin yew was romantical on the common. <3 love you.

one year is nothin for how long this will last.
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me and will want to move to portland

im trying to convince other people to move to cus its cheap, laid back, artsy and fun all the time.

i wish i could get out of my lease.

if i legit get serious, i might talk to my mom.

i cannot afford to do anything here, i cant save ANY money. im used to havin 2 grand in the bank and now i have 900. thats two months of my half of the rent.

i wanna get to portland asap, even for winter! snowboarding!
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monday im starting a 2 week cleanse
maybe even 3 until i lose 10-15lbs
it worked before when i was in highschool, its called the sacred heart diet
then im going to go vegan for a lil (with ww help)
and see if i can stay that way til Will's bday
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i video chatted with aprylle today!


i hung out with jared and watched him play bike polo

i get to see alexis tomorrow

and ben labadie on sunday

sleeping alone tonight wont be so bad with dawsons creek in the background.

i just ate a tub of black razz ice cream

im trying to get my own life without will, it just takes some effort.
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everything is going deece i guess.

i am jobless
chubby, but working out everyday and watching what i eat

but stuff is okay

money might become an issue soon!
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danielle you were right
im "Blah" over enget
i miss dating him. he was so fun and i was never sad when i was with him.
my mom always asks about him and stuff

i just watched the orchard hills first episode and he introduces his gf as the love of his life. lolzzz. i hate when people repeat stuff.

idk. im not over it completely cus i know that he would never cheat on me. and will did. and i left enget for will thinking that he'd be better. boy was i wrong.
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